Yankees Hitters in October: An Autopsy
Friday, October 19, 2012 at 8:49AM
David Golebiewski in Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Yankees, yankees hitters

The New York Yankees' season ended last night when Prince Fielder snagged Jayson Nix's pop-up at the lip of the infield grass, completing the Tigers' four-game ALCS sweep. The sad part? Nix's one-hundred-foot floater was one of the Bombers' better ABs -- hey, at least he made contact!

New York led the American League in both on-base percentage and slugging during the regular season, but the club's offense no-showed in October. Here's a post-mortem on the Yankees' bats:

Chavez's swing rate by pitch location


Cano's swing rate by pitch location


Location of breaking and off-speed pitches thrown to Cano during the playoffs

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