So far, so very good for Clay Buchholz
Monday, April 15, 2013 at 1:12PM
Bill Chuck in Boston Red Sox, Clay Buchholz, John Farrell

Clay Buchholz may have been 3-1 last April, but he certainly wasn't a good pitcher. 

Buchholz had an 8.69 ERA and a 1.897 WHIP. Batters hit .331 against him and he allowed seven homers in five games.

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As you can see, there are way too many hotspots reflecting where batters had success against Clay.

But with the return of his mentor, John Farrell, Buchholz is off to a terrific start in 2013.

In his first three starts in 2013, Buchholz is 3-0 with a microscopic 0.41 ERA and a 0.955 WHIP. Batters have hit .149 against him going 11-for-74 and he has  allowed just one double and one homer in 22 IP.

His heat chart is a thing of beauty

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How's this? 

It may be too early to judge the efficacy of Farrell as a manager of this team, but there is no question, he and pitching Juan Nieves are making a huge impact on the Boston staff.

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