Peavy changes his Sox
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 1:06PM
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There was a time when Jake Peavy was one of baseball's premier pitchers.

With the Padres from 2003-08 

The White Sox were hoping to capture his Padres success

That why on:

Now, the Red Sox are hoping to recapture his Padres success

But 2013 is not 2008

With the White Sox from 2009-13 

This season Peavy has allowed 14 homers

While he's not the only pitcher who has allowed 14 dingers, take a look at some of the other pitchers who have done it as well.

14 Gophers
Jake Peavy .439 14 80.0 13 4.27
James Shields .369 14 148.1 22 3.09
Max Scherzer .336 14 143.1 21 3.01
Jordan Zimmermann .373 14 141.0 21 3.19
Scott Kazmir .419 14 105.0 19 4.11
David Price .404 14 103.0 15 3.57
Erik Bedard .435 14 103.0 19 4.28
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Peavy was not a cheap acquisition for Boston

Not only does Boston assume the rest of Peavey's salary (he's signed through 2014 at $14.5 million), but they gave up three low-level prospects and an important trade chip in Jose Iglesias.

Forget the inflated Iglesias batting average, the Tigers don't need bats. He is a spectacular fielder who may do for Detroit what Orlando Cabrera did for the 2004 Red Sox when he was picked up on July 31, 2004 and has the ring to prove it.

The White Sox needed Peavy to pitch like an ace.

The Red Sox don't need that.

They just need Peavy to stay healthy and keep the ball in the park, pitch like a number three, and then his new Sox will do the rest.

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