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Pete Sheppard - The Meat Locker

1. If you were the Commissioner of Major League Baseball what would you be known for?

Speeding up the freaking game, and really enforcing it!!

2. If you could pay Texas Hold 'Em with any seven players in the history of Major League Baseball who would you choose? Who would win?

Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Pedro Martinez and Willie Mays....In the end, heads up, me vs the Mick...I win for two reasons, I am a better player, and Micky passes out..LOL

3. Do you think Major League Baseball teams should issue credentials to bloggers?

I would issue credentials to certain bloggers...They would have to show me proof of their number of readers otherwise there would be total chaos....

Pete Sheppard is the host of "The Meat Locker" on HurricaneRadio.Net. The Meat Locker airs Monday-Friday from noon-2pm.

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