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Peter Meisel - Comedian

Peter Meisel is a New York City expatriate who has been living just outside of Sydney, Australia for over 30 years. Peter moved to Australia to become a teacher but when he found all of his students and peers laughing at him he re-created himself as a stand-up comedian.

For close to over 20 years, Peter has successfully performed on television, in the movies, in comedy clubs, and in his bedroom and made many people chuckle, guffaw, and chortle at him or with him, it depends on whom you ask. He remains to this day a huge Yankees fan. 

1. Peter, you have watched both, briefly what’s the difference between American baseball and Australian cricket?

Peter: The length of sleep for the viewer. A test cricket match takes 5 days and that’s just to play two innings. Frequently the result of this five day match from hell is a draw. That’s right, five days to get a draw. One time, and everyone got really excited about this, it wasn’t just a draw but a tie as well. I swear there’s a difference. Also every “highlight” reel includes the ball rolling towards a flock of seagulls causing them to fly away. Why? Because it truly is a highlight. They should make them watch test cricket at Guantanamo. They would beg for water boarding.

2. Do your Aussie mates understand baseball? What’s their take when you start talking about ERA and RBI?

Peter: They think I’m talking about medical procedures, EKG, MRI, ERA, RBI.

3. Baseball players get to pick their own intro music when they come to the plate, which song would you choose if you came to bat for the Yankees (and why?)?

Peter: I didn’t know that. How about, “All I Need is a Miracle” because that’s the only way I’m ever going to get a hit. I’d settle for not getting hurt and that’s just getting to the game.

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